Welcome to my own personal journey stumbling though the dubious entertainment choices I make for myself. The purpose of GoodBadForever is to celebrate the awesomely bad and the awfully good.
Hopefully this will clear up any questions you might have (I’m guessing you don’t).

What are you doing here?
My pop-culture tastes often gravitate toward the bad. Meaning, I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a commercial for a dubious show or movie, or read about a questionable book and said, “That looks awful. I bet I’ll love it.”

The idea of “guilty pleasure” intrigues me. It compartmentalizes some forms of entertainment as legitimate and others as forms that need to come with an asterisk in order to be consumed. But if you love something, can’t you just love it? Or if you love something because it’s “bad,” is that any different from genuinely loving and enjoying a bad piece of art?

This blog is also to justify the questionable entertainment choices I make. Here, I’ll partake in something I think is going to be bad and then see: was it as bad as I thought? Was it secretly good? Am I laughing with it rather than at it?

The stipulation is that I have to want to watch/read it. Make suggestions if you like, but if it doesn’t strike me then I’m not going to check it out. Translation: I hate reality TV and as banal and insipid as reality TV is, it’s not the right kind of bad. I would rather watch every installment of Final Destination than one minute of The Bachelor. So, that’s what you’re in for here.

What gives you the right to make fun of [Insert Work Here]?
It should be pretty apparent that I’m enjoying most of these movies/shows/books on some level. I don’t want to rip something to shreds unless it really deserves it. I’m not here to tear down someone’s dream project. I realize someone has just as much right to snark on me and my creative efforts. And where needed, I’ll lay out extra ground rules.

But [Insert Work Here] is good. Why are you talking about it?
I have a propensity to avoid movies and books that people tell me are good, usually in favor of something bad (i.e. seeing all of the Friday the 13th movies many times before ever watching The Godfather. Spoiler alert: turns out The Godfather is great). So maybe I’ll talk about something I passed up because I thought it couldn’t possibly live up to expectations. Who knows! This is the Internet! Anything is possible, unfortunately!

What about that album My CheeseWhiz for a Horse by El Frankenböner? It’s so bad it’s good.
No, no music. Besides, El Frankenböner is a band I just made up (I hope).

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The awesomely bad and the awfully good